Whats the cosmelan®?

cosmelan® is the worlds number one depigmentation treatment to treat obstinate skin spots. The overproduction of pigments gets regulated to prevent their recurrence.

It can be used on any skintype and skincolour.

How does it work?

After analyzing your skin, I put on the cosmelan mask 1. The exposure time varies with your skintype and skincolour between 8-12 hours and must be washed off from the client at home. After 3-4 days we do a check-up appointment, where we analyze your skin and give it a nice hydrating facial to calm it. From that appointment on you will get the home perscriptive cosmelan 2 creme for your daily use. There will be a 2 & 3 check-up appointment after 1 and 3 months to analyze your results which always includes a hydrating facial.

How often can I do the treatment?

Cosmelan® is a one time treatment. With very stubborn hyperpigmentation I recommend max one cosmelan treatment a year.

What is included in the treatmentprice:

  1. Skin analisis

  2. Cosmelan Starter Pack with the cosmelan 1 mask, the cosmelan 2 creme, like the melan recovery creme and the melan 130+ pigment control sunscreen

  3. 3 check-up appointments including skin analisis and hydrating facials.


CHF 1`200.-