Body Treatments

* Only for female clients

Relax while giving your skin and body a treat. The DMK Body-Enyzmemask is a lympathic drainage that helps reduce pigmentation, dead skincells, acne, loose skin and cellulite with over 340 active enzymes in it.

Keratoris Pilaris

A lot of us have these stubborn little bumps and rough skin on the sides of our arms. Thats keratoris pilaris and is most often a genetic skindesease from overproducing dead skincells. In this treatment we start with a chemical bodypeel whitch will dissolve the rough skin and then go over with the DMK Enzymemask that will help normalise and smooth the skin.

Time 45min CHF 120.-

Back Treatment

Not only in our faces there can be blemishes and acnescarring or pigmentation. Often times also our backs get offended by it. In this back treatment we start with an acnepeel, treat blackheads and inflammations and end it with the DMK Enzymemask.

Time 1h CHF 140.-

Legs and Bum

To strengthen and lift the skin, activates the bloodcyrculation & reduces cellulite with the DMK Enzymmask.

Time 45min CHF 140.-

Full Body

In this Full Body treatment one side of the body gets completely covered with the DMK Enzymemask. It gives the body a lympathic drainage, helps to cleanse, exfoliate and thighten the skin.

Time 1h 30min CHF 350.-