Cleaner, smoother and more resistant skin, thanks to the medical peels from mesoestetic.

Meso Peel removes dead skincells und activates the growth of new cells. Your skin will be nourished with new oxygen and strong but not agressive ingredients against all skin issues. 

Who is the MesoPeel made for?

Meso Peel is a very adaptable treatment for all kinds of skin issues and textures. Especially for the following ones: 

  • smoothes out wrinkles
  • minimizing larger pores
  • reducing acne
  • evens out your skins texture and tone
  • brightens pigmentation 
  • helps with scarring

Acne Treatment

Time 1h CHF 150.-

Rosacea / Sensitive Treatment

Time 1h CHF 150.-

Anti Aging Treatment

Time 1H CHF 180.-