Danné Montague-King (DMK) – For those who want to see results. The DMK system is for everyone who wants beautiful and healthy skin.

Excessive accumulation of dead skin cells causes skin conditions such as spots, wrinkles, blemished skin, acne, and sagging skin. To remove these conditions I recommend the DMK enzyme treatment.

Enzyme Treatment

Enzymetreatment CHF 170.-

cleansing, enzymemask 1, neckmassage, finalcare

Enzymetreatment Relax CHF 190.–

cleansing, extractions, enzymemask 1,  neck- & handmassage while the mask is on, finalcare

Enzymetreatment Anti Aging CHF 220.–

cleansing, extractions, enzymemask 1&2,  neck- & handmassage while the mask is on, finalcare


The enzymetherapy is a 4 weeks programm that includes a weekly enzymetreatment. This “therapy” helps to transform and renew your skin. To guarantee you the best possible change in your skin, we will complement your skincare routin with DMK products if needed.

4 weeks program

 CHF 600.-

Body Enzyme Treatment

Many of us have problems with our skin – not only on our faces but also, for example, blemishes and pigment spots on our backs, ingrown hairs and dry skin. Take care of these parts of your body too – you will thank yourself.

Cleansing, microdermabrasion, body enzyme mask, extractions, final care including tips for home care

Time 1h

CHF 120.-

Add ons:

Eyelash lift incl. tinting and keratin care

tinting eyelashes

plucking/waxing eyebrows

tinting eyebrows

Upper lip waxing

Combined offer: tinting eyelashes, tinting and plucking/waxing eyebrows